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ArcGIS Mastery


Earth and Space

Why ArcGIS Mastery

ArcGIS Mastery course gives you value over price as the course content is always up to date and comes with huge value features

Full lifetime access.

300+ interactive high quality, edited videos.

50+ hours of "get to the point" content.

Free 21 days trial for ArcGIS Pro provided by ESRI

Access to ArcGIS Mastery Members private Facebook group.

Access to ArcGIS Online private group for map sharing.

Access the course on the go from the IOS app.

Ongoing content that covers all of ESRI's product updates.

Instructor with over 12 years of ArcGIS experience.

Direct access to the Instructor for questions and support.

Instructor with hands-on experience with the course products.

GIS resume building & interview guidance. 

Certificate of completion with online validation.

30 days Money-back guaranteed.

You Will Learn

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Instructor Biography 

Asser Swelam, has more than 14 years of experience in GIS using ESRI products, including 7 years full-time ESRI employee.

Asser has a Bachelor's in GIS and Software Engineering degree. He also has multiple certificates from ESRI and Microsoft (2004-2010)

He started his career by joining ESRI NorthEast Africa as a GIS developer with the professional service team. (2010-2013).


Then he joined ESRI Headquarters in California as a GIS Product Engineer with the .NET team and contributed to releasing ArcGIS Silverlight APIs and ArcGIS Runtime .NET SDK  (2013-2017)

Later on, he started his GIS consulting & training business for public and private clients in different sectors, like utilities, environmental, transportation, city planning and more.

 Asser has helped many clients, professionals, and students achieve their GIS goals using ArcGIS products.

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It has been a great one for me with clear explanations.

Thank you

Martin Twine Baryabanoha


I have got a great thing and you open my eye towards this course

Gadisa Geremew


Great job, These videos are made very clear. I could keep up with the explanations in real time.

Andriesei Sebastian

  • Can I get a refund?
    YES, we have a 30 days money back guaranteed policy starting from the day you enroll in the course.
  • Is the course self-paced learning?
    YES! Learn on your own time. Once you join the course you will have a full access anytime to all the course content, videos and data. You will be able to learn on your own pace and if you need any help or have any questions, you can comment on the video and Asser will reply to you within 2 days. You can also send an email to at anytime for any other questions or support.
  • Do you provide a software license?
    NO, we do not provide any kind of software license, however inside the course, you will learn how to activate 21 days trial for personal use license provided by ESRI.
  • What happened after my ArcGIS 21 days license trial expired?
    You can buy the Personal use license direct from ESRI’s website that gives you access to ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Pro & ArcGIS Online Creator, and it will cost you $100 per year.
  • Do you provide data for practicing?
    YES, inside the course, there is a folder full of all the data you will need for practicing every tool and task explained inside the course.
  • Do you provide a certificate of compilation? Is it accredited?
    YES, we do provide a certificate of compilation, but at the moment, it is not accredited by any GIS body. Alternatively, you can apply for ESRI’s exam through ESRI’s website after learning ArcGIS products.
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